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About Me

I have 14 years of classroom teaching experience, in a wide variety of settings. In my career, I have taught upper elementary and special education in NYC public schools and in a suburban setting. I have taught 2-year-olds to identify the colors and have taught SAT prep to high schoolers. I have taught English to adults in both Argentina and New York City. I have taught figure skating, American citizenship, and chess. I love to learn new things, I love to share what I have learned, and I absolutely LOVE my work 🙂

In a classroom setting, I like to create a structured environment. I believe that it is only within an organized system that we can truly provide students with both choice and guidance. The structure provides the basis for creative and critical thinking. I also strongly believe in connecting the lesson to the student’s prior knowledge, strengths, and interests. Begin with the end in mind, but meet the student where he or she is.

I’m also a figure skater, full time digital nomad, a castellera (we make human towers!), and polyglot (6 languages and counting!)

Teaching and learning are my passion.

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